Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where to Find Me

Considering I have a background as a writer, I should be doing a better job of updating my blog! Sad to say, it's just been a busy summer all around, but I do try to keep in touch, even if it's only 140 characters! Yes! I'm on twitter and you can follow me at Check it out if you're on Twitter. I promise not to bore you with a constant list of links.

I'm also on Facebook at I do post new listings, but am also working to provide more personable updates on the life and times of a jewelry artist. Drop by and say "hi"!

In the meantime, I've been busy making jewelry and updating my booth display. Since the early days, I have always pinned most of my necklaces on a cork-backed tray. A few items, I featured on mannequins. I'm going to try more mannequins to see if that shows my jewelry to better advantage--certainly, it will help people see it better from afar!

I am also in the process of consolidating my websites. This time, I am moving my WellspringChakra inventory over to WellspringCreations. The chakra site had most of my copper creations, but soon, you'll be able to see all my jewelry creations in one place. I have been listing all my new pieces there, such as this original copper chainmaille!

In addition, I have a new model, Eve, who is modelling all my new jewelry creations. Eve, meet world; world,

Eve. Please leave a comment of encouragement to her...doesn't she look a bit concerned? I don't know if it's because it's her first modelling job or if she's self-conscious because she has no hair. Personally, I like the look.

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  1. She does look a bit concerned. She looks gorgeous though... no hair the better to show your earrings off!


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