Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CPSIA Petitions to Save Pre-1985 Children's Books AND Handcrafted Goods for Children

In addition to sending emails to your congressional leaders (my previous blogpost has a sample letter and the links), could you please sign the following petitions to mitigate the effects of the CPSIA?

* This petition requests that the CPSIA be modified to allow children access to books printed prior to 1985.

* This petition, written by Etsian, Kristin Kline, of
happyflyingbuttons addresses the CPSIA and its effects on the Americal children's apparel industry and small business handcrafters.

Please note that, while the host requests donations to support their service, no donation is required to participate in the petitions.


  1. The petition doesn't mention books.

  2. Thank you for catching this! I have written (and added the link to) a petition specifically for books.

    The second petition listed deals with the CPSIA impact on children's apparel/small business. Regrettably, the CPSIA is far reaching in its effects.


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